Everyone wants to see the beauty and harmony on the studio photos. Here are some simple tips that will help to achieve the wishes.


Time is crucial to achieve a beautiful result. Book your session early and stick to it, because before and after you may be other clients.
Studio is waiting for you at 10-15 minutes before the booked time to take some breath and to get ready. The timing is especially important when you come to the photo shooting with small children - make sure the session does not enter the sleep time.


Adding a little color to the face can highlight the most beautiful in your face or hide small beauty defects. A professional make-up, made just before the shooting will give the best result.


Beautiful hands give a lot to the picture. They help to express the gentleness and tenderness to a child or a sweetheart. Although it appears that the face is the most important, it's worth taking a critical look to your hands before.


Studio floor is clean and you cannot wear outer boots during the shooting. Therefore, think through how your feet will be in the picture. The worst option is to take pictures with socks. Beautiful clothing also requires suitable footwear. To get a wonderful homely feeling to the picture barefoot posturing is succested(as it favors the style) and infants with rounded toes are unquestionably the sweetest.


Taking nude, half-nude or pregnancy pictures think at home, what is skin-friendly clothing. Bad clothes make your body look wierd and can ruin photos.


Comfortable clothing contributes to the fact that you feel comfortable during the session. While dark colors slimming effect is expected, it can change the overall impression of images grim. Fabrics which take all the dust and fluff on are not very good also.

A well-chosen clothing decorates the person, the body does not show unwanted wrinkles and emphasizes the style of the images. If you want to change your clothes, or use the "different" clothes on the photos, discuss it with the photographer when you book the time.

When taking pictures with children, consider whether the clothing helps you to deal with the children. The narrow skirt and high heels may not be comfortable.


Your wishes and ideas are always welcome. In order that we can use the time efficiently, give your thoughts to know when booking the session.

For best results you should be active and cooperate with the photographer. Feel free to experiment and use different poses. Self-confidence is seen at the pictures later.


The studio is an unfamiliar place. It is dark with strobing lights and strangers around. Sense of security is provided by the favorite toy and sweets, which are given only in special occasions.

All preparations (also your make-up) sholud be done before coming to the studio. Children do not like to wait, and so bad mood or pulling may ruin the pictures.

In studio communicate with the child, help the photographer to guide and entertain the children. Make sure that the baby's face and clothes are clean - particularly during teething and colds, or when the child has had sweets in the meantime.

Think also carefully through the child's clothing for shooting and also find suitable footwear.

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