About me

The world of photographing did not come to me from aplenty photographing. However, they were just beautiful photos that fascinated and  utterly absorbed me. At first I was infected with photo editing and then I came to photoshooting. In the beginning I only captured the beautiful moments in nature. At some point I discovered, how fascinating are the varieties of the studio, and how special is shooting the peole.

My camera has faced the beloved families, cute babies, funny kids, happy people in love, and people´s secret beauty. Different colors and emotions, these moments, beautiful and excellent people and their great souls.

I bought my first SLR camera in. By now I shoot with Nikon D800′ga.

I am happy that my work is also a hobby that offers exciting challenges and beautiful people. I enjoy every minute of it.


Marika Talpas-Taltsep

Marika Foto OÜ photographer in Tallinn

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